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Coco De Nut - Large Natural Parrot Toy


Was £13.70 - NOW £9.99

Packed full of fun for your Parrot, the Coco De Nut - Large Natural Parrot Toy is a sure fire way to keep your bird entertained. The opening at the front provides access to loads of materials which your Parrot can chew, pick, preen and shred away at. They are all tied in with either lengths of chain or natural rope so they can't just be simply removed.

The coconut itself has hundreds if not thousands of fibres for your Parrot to pick and preen, plus a thin yet tough wood like skin for your bird to chew through. There are even a couple of Java wood batons to be chewed too.

If all this wasn't enough hanging at the bottom on sisal rope is more Java wood and pieces of coconut. Where the husk is soft enough you can push small treats such as seeds or nuts in amongst the fibres for your Parrot to find and retrieve. The loofah can also be used for foraging fun.