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Windy Hound - Infusion of Astragalus Fenugreek, Ginseng, Lime Flower & Rooibos, this tonic helps support digestive system and helps absorption as a result this hepls to prevent the wind created within the digestive system making more pleasant for dog and owners.
Woof & Brew Windy Hound Tonic
Infusion of Burdock, Dandelion, Flax, Nettle, Seaweed & Rooibos, this tonic is rich in iron, iodine & fatty acids which help keep skin & coats in tip top condition. Also acts as a nutitional aid for pigmentation.
Eden's digestive support supplement has been developed with as much thought and love for dogs as the rest of Eden's 80/20 dog foods. They are therefore a perfect natural accompaniment to popular foods like Multi-meat and Fish, to keep your dog's tummy in top shape. Remember, gut biology issues can manifest themselves in many different ways--not just your dog's poop condition! Eden Say: “Digestive Support is a combination of old and new ideas. Natural herbs and plants have been used for thousands of years to support health, whereas modern probiotics and supplements are new but very effective. Eden takes the best of both worlds for the very best you can buy for your dog.”
Eden Digestive Support Supplement Powder for Dogs
100% Certified Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
Nutriment Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 400g
Dosage one capsule twice a day. "Capsules are: 530mgTurmeric 350mgFlaxseed Oil (Powdered) 175mgPepper (95% Piperine) 2.5mgOur unique blend of three key ingredients.Turmeric - Curcumin between 5% - 10% Micronised Flax seed Oil - full of Omega 3.Piperine an extract from black pepper, it significantly enhances the bio availability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption. The absorption of curcumin in turmeric is believed to be boosted by up to 2000% when used in conjunction with piperine.Formulated in an A grade BRC accredited lab and to the highest GMP standards, our products are made from the highest quality ingredients and are suitable for human consumption."
Golden Paste Co. TurmOil Capsules 90pk
"Blended in a BRC accredited facility to ensure quality and traceability, our golden paste is manufactured with human grade ingredients.DIRECTIONS: Begin by feeding 1/8th teaspoon twice a day for the first week with food. The following week, feed 1/4 teaspoon twice a day with food. Each week you can increase until desired effects are noticed. If feeding 1/4 teaspoon twice a day - 100g will last 40 days.If feeding 1/2 teaspoon twice a day - 100g will last 20 days.If feeding 1 teaspoon twice a day - 100g will last 10 days.TURMERIC - our turmeric is not irradiated or steam treated to preserve the key components. Our curcumin levels have varied between 5% and 9.82%COCONUT OIL - we use cold pressed and organic coconut oilAPPLE CIDER VINEGAR - complete with 'the mother' apple cider vinegar includes compounds such as quercetin.BLACK PEPPER - we crack our black pepper just before adding it to our pasteCEYLON CINNAMON - we use true (ceylon) cinnamon as this has a lower level of coumarin in.NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION: Oil and fats 13.75%Protein 1.7%Fibre 4.6%Ash 1.7%Moisture 68%
Golden Paste Co. Tumeric Golden Paste
Refills for Earth Rated poop bag dispenser. 8 rolls of 15 unscented bags. Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down.
Earth Rated Poop Bags 315 Standard (21 x 15)
Bulk box containing 120 unscented or Lavander poop bags with tie handles. Earth Rated dog waste bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps them break down.
Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 Tie Handle Bags