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Dog Training Leigh

Obedience training for Puppys at PAWS doggy day care Leigh, Classes are held Monday evnings for under 6 months 6.30pm to 7.30pm, they are priced at £60 for a 6 week course,  Places are limited so everyone gets a chance to ask questions and gets the benefit of their excellent knowledge. To book your place or for more infomation please call reception on 01942 603631.

Puppy Training at Paws Leigh

Dog Training, Puppy training, Kennel Club Good Citizen and Agility Training classes held at PAWS is opertaed by Pendlebairns, covering Leigh, Culcheth, Wigan, Astley, Tyldesley, Atherton, Hindley, Bickershaw, Abram, Ashton-in-Makerfield, Golborne

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Our companion dogs have the hardest of jobs to do in our family environments. They have to learn many skills to be an added family member so starting early, in my opinion is a must. My puppy classes are designed around getting the best start for our companion dogs.


In this class we cover how to build a positive relationship between you and you puppy, covering socialisation, play and the start of basic obedience.


As an owner you may already be feeling the pressure of having a new puppy, whether it’s  your first dog or 5th. In this class we will make it as fun for you as the puppy. Working on issues you might be finding, like those dreaded shark teeth, to how to deal with the constant advise you get from others. It’s already hard without having to sort out the misinformation and the outdated methods from the new.


Our training is based on modern methods using science helping you to dispel the myths. Making it simple to understand and easy to learn.


Week 1

•Understanding your pup – going through why they do what they do -nipping, biting, chasing, growling etc.

•Toilet training and crate training. How to get our dogs happy in the crate to help with toileting. Secret toileting. Feeding for success.

•Food – what’s best to feed and what’s best to avoid

•Toys – difference between toys, feeding toys and play toys

•Castrations and neutering – should you shouldn’t you.

•Dog law – a brief understanding of what is expected

•Dog etiquette- park rules benefits and pitfalls


Week 2

•Introduction to other dogs – the benefit of understanding body language

•Play and leave – covering the importance of play and retrieve. How to safely play and teach your dog to leave the item he’s got hold of. Whether that’s your best socks and your lamb chops

•Basic commands – sit, down, stand, use of marker words, timing, food luring and how to use the three d’s to help you (duration, distance and distraction)

•Introduction of lead work and the importance of loose lead

•Introduction of recall and long lines. How to get your dog to come back using name recognition games


Week 3

•Play!!! More play and some more play. Added a cue to the drop. When you should introduce cues

•Working on basic commands, adding duration and a little distance

•Lead walking -increasing distance, rate of rewards and food placement

•Recall with more distractions


Week 4

•Play and testing our drop

•Adding and testing our cues

•Recall from distractions -other dogs food crazy lady on the field

•Send to bed – shaping a task

•Chin targeting – luring and shaping (vets)


Week 5

•Play and introductions

•Heel work


•Chin target and send to bed

•Leave it


Week 6

•Play and introductions

•Heel work


•Grooming and handling. Benefits for vet visits etc

•Questions/next steps

Dog Training in Leigh with Carolyn Off Leash Dog Training


Carolyn offers a range of services for pet dog owners, she uses reward based psychology training. Carolyn's knowledge and expertise have led her to create an effective training method developed using reward based training and no force or harsh methods.